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The Alchemists


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Christian Tyler is known as one of the world's leading experts in chocolate formulation with advanced clean label ingredients and has extensively traveled the globe in search of furthering his passion. His love for chocolate came to him at a young age when he first received a box of artisan Swiss chocolates given to him by his aunt who was a flight attendant for Swiss Air in the early 1980s.  His knowledge of cacao came to him through anthropological studies and shamanic practices in the Brazilian Amazon, where he spent 10 years working with non-profit organizations to protect indigenous populations. Mr. Tyler spends much of his time providing market knowledge and intellectual resources to think tanks and universities researching cocoa and advanced ingredients and how they affect the supply chain. 

In his free time, Christian enjoys quiet time in nature. He is a student pilot, an avid angler, and a Yogi. You will likely find him meditating on the bank of a river or stream. 



A chocoholic from the start, Jessica’s first food memory involved chocolate. At 3 years old, on family travels through Trinidad and Tobago, their cab driver pulled over, plucked a cacao pod off a tree, and handed her a bean enrobed in the white, creamy flesh. It was love at first bite and she has been hooked ever since. Passionate about fine food, Jessica found herself unsatisfied with chocolate offerings available on the market, launching her on a lifelong pursuit of formulating the tastiest chocolate. A student of cacao, Jessica dedicates her time to researching market trends, creating new chocolate flavor profiles, conducting chocolate tastings, and connecting with others in the industry. When not honing her craft, Jessica is busy discovering and adventuring in nature and exploring new cuisines with friends.

Our Cocoa


Cacao Consulting has 15 years of experience sourcing the highest quality raw materials in the world.

We work with cocoa farmers in Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Belize, Peru, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Mexico and many other regions.

Our expertise goes deep into the farming, fermentation, drying, and roasting, so we are able to make customizations in flavor with a variety of techniques.   


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For R&D and formulations inquiries, production consulting, chocolate making for events, or raw materials sourcing. 

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