Cacao Consulting works with its clients to create the ideal formula. We specialize in the creation of sugar free and ketogenic Chocolates that are made with advanced ingredients. Our professional team can take you through the development steps and create a product that will fit your's and your customer's needs. We help all of our clients with our comprehensive market expertise and proven track record of outstanding formulas.

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Cacao Consulting works with a wide range of co-packing partners to help companies grow and expand while their production demands are increased. Many companies struggle with the challenges of meeting consumer demands with production and we help take that burden away by fostering relationships that help companies to grow and thrive in an ever changing environment. We help you to maximize your investment capital so that you can focus on growing your brand in a thriving market.


Business Planning

Cacao Consulting offers initial startup phase business planning for small to medium size companies. Our competent business team can help your company to avoid costly mistakes by drawing on our seasoned experience in brand building. We know how to put your company on a path to success helping you to reach your goals and dreams without making costly errors. Our network of Natural Products Professionals is a sure path to your success as an enterprise. We help you to face the future with confidence!

Sales and Marketing

Cacao Consulting is a firm that has well established industry relationships in the Natural Products Industry. We have a team of highly qualified seasoned sales and marketing professionals who specialize in low cost guerilla marketing campaigns. Our team knows the ins and outs of making a company spring up overnight with a strong presence through our relationships with retailers and our specialized in-store marketing team. We have helped many companies on a budget launch with great success.