Cacao Consulting offers a multitude of comanufacturing solutions. When it comes to creating a new idea or concept we offer proof of concept solutions as well long term solutions after a concept has proven marketable and scalable. Our goal in working with our clients is to save them from costly mistakes. 

Refining and Conching

Refining is where we grind the cocoa into liquid chocolate particles in order to produce an even smoother texture that is desirable to the pallet. Conching is additional step that was developed by Rodolphe Lindt in which the chocolate is agitated and heated allowing for flavor profiles to emerge.

Chips and Drops

Chocolate Chips and Drops created for baked goods and frozen treats are a common ingredient necessity and we are proud to offer both stock and custom wafers and chips.   


Chocolate molding is the process of making chocolate pieces by shaping melted chocolate inside of rigid frames, called molds. A mold is a hollowed plastic part that is filled with the liquid melted chocolate. As the chocolate hardens or sets inside the mold, it adopts the shape of the mold.

Candy Coating and Panning

Panning is known as one of the ancient arts of chocolate making in which a rotating pan is used with objects that are to receive a coating of chocolate. This process can also be applied to candy coating. Cacao Consulting works with clean label no and low calorie sweeteners and chocolate for panning or candy coating.


Enrobing is a process that involves covering a confection or snack with chocolate or chocolate coatings. Cacao consulting works with this equipment in a multitude of applications for nutritional dietary products to sweet candy treats.